Friday, September 3, 2010

Game Over

Thanks to Joe Clifford for the extra ticket. Yankees win. Thaa-a-a-a-aaaa Yankees win.

And Earl held off. Peace Earl!
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Enter Sandman

Non-save situation. No sweat. Gotta win em all. Rivera time!
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Jays-Yanks; Hold off Earl

  Headed over to the Stadium at around noon or so to catch a matinee between the Blue Jays and the Yankees.  Upstart Ivan Nova takes the hill for the Yanks while Brandon Morrow gets the nod for the Jays.

  Nova is making his third start since being called up from AAA (against TOR and CWS).  He's 1-0 with a 1.93 ERA. 

  Morrow has some electric stuff, 174 K's in 143.1 IP.  He's struck out 21 Yankees  in his two August starts against the Bombers (12 in a ND and 9 in a W).  This is a guy who struck out 17 in a one-hitter vs. Tampa on August 8th.  Surprisingly enough, his double-digit K games versus the Yankees and Rays are his only two of the year (he's had 11 other games on 8+ K). 

  They've seen Morrow before.  Just gotta figure him out and put the ball in play and anything can happen.  Toronto is 8th in the MLB  in fielding percentage (NYY are 4th).  Toronto is looking to play spoiler.

  Nova can't let MLB HR-leader Jose Bautista beat him.  He pitches well, the Yankees can open up a 2 game lead over 2nd-place TB (who visits the lowly Orioles tonight). 

  Hurricane Earl should hold off a little bit today, I'm hopeful.  It's a hell of a lot cooler outside, still muggy as shit, but you can't always get what you want.  Stay away Earl!!

  11pm Friday it should hit the NYC area.  That's tonight, for all you meteorologists.  We're the 2nd to last stop on the Earl Train.  From what I hear, they're preparing for a natural disaster off the Massachusetts coast.  Hope it's an over-reaction.  Earl needs to cool it.

  OK, time to get some stuff done.  Breakfast is the first order of business.