Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Enjoying a beer. Lindsay has water. Pregnant women can't booze.

We're at The End

We got here. It took just over two hours, there were a few stops along the way. Panera Bread in Hampton Bays and then a 7-11 right around us here in Montauk. Seems like lots to do around here - by that I mean a 25-minute radius. They gave us a map of the area and some local restaurants - they included the days they're open since it's the off season here on the East End.

We stopped at the 7-11 to get a few things so we don't have to leave the Manor tonight. Lindsay got five bottles of water, some Zone bars (they were in a baby mag) and some Natures Valley crunchy granola bars. I picked up two bags of pretzel M&M's, a liter of ginger ale, a 6-pack of Blue Point Winter Ale (it's a Long Island brewed beer), and a 1-pound bag of pretzel rods. Also picked up $5 worth of scratch off tickets. Lindsay is getting after those now. I guess we're good for at least a day.

The roads coming out here were eerily dark, reminiscent of trips to Linds' hometown of Granby CT.

No pictures to share yet, it's dark and for some reason it feels like 2am.

0 for 2 on lotto so far. Losers! That reminds me, I left my $5 Mega Millions ticket at home. That sucker is up to $330 million. Imagine that? Don't worry, I'd certainly continue this blog.

The place is nice, loft for a bedroom with no television, but that's fine. Ohio St. and Arkansas are on later. Kinda wish they had SNY so we could tune in to UCONN/ND basketball game.

Gonna have a beer - maybe it'll help this little headache that's creeping up on me.

So long from Montauk - for now.

Ty Cobb Sighting

No, not the HOF'er.

His 6'5" great grandson, a forward for the 6-5 Occidental College Tigers basketball team.  He seems to be a little bit of a role player.  But seriously, you think if Ty Cobb was hitting .140 he wouldn't take some extra swings?  This Ty is shooting 44% from the charity stripe.  Plays pretty well down low it seems, averaging 3.8 ppg in limited time, shooting 51.5% from the floor, and grabbing a shade under four rebounds per game.
(Photo: www.oxyathletics.com)

Good luck kid!

All About the Header

Recently, I've gotten caught up creating different headers for my blog, and it's getting interesting.  I received lots of comments regarding the Christmas lights header and figured why not expand my collection. 

Although Blogger doesn't have the capability to create artistic headers within it's site, I use several free image editing programs, namely Gimp2.  Not sure if anyone else has used this, but it works just fine for an amateur like myself.

So for the new year, I plan on breaking out new headers from time to time - some random designs and some directly related to holidays, birthdays, weather patterns, or even hobbies.

Hope you enjoy what I'm doing here and if you have any ideas for me for headers you'd like to see, don't hesitate to shoot me an email.

The End.