Monday, January 24, 2011

Restaurant Week NYC, Part 2

Food Network star Aaron Sanchez' restaurant, Centrico, will be our destination for NYC's Restaurant Week.  Mexican food - always a crowd pleaser - Lindsay spotted it on the list.  Thanks babe, you the bomb.  We always like trying Food Network chefs' restaurants, but to be honest, they price gouge the shit out of you.  Good thing we're not big drinkers (anymore), it tends to save money on the dinner bill.

I mean for $35 per person - yes, menu's are limited - it's a steal.  And if you live in NY and choose to avoid the menu, you're an uptight jackass.  Enjoy food for cheaper than you normally would.

And if you love to cook at home instead of going out, Restaurant Week is definitely something to check out.  There's a ton of restaurants that participate in it, some for lunch and dinner, some only for dinner.  Saturday night is typically blacked out from this promotion, for good reason - it's the weekend and people go nuts.  I mean the restaurant needs to make full-fare at some point during these two weeks.

If you're close to NYC, take a look here to see the restaurants involved.  And to the restaurants not participating, a big boo to you.

Cutler Criticism Uncalled For

I was one of the people who bashed Bears QB Jay Cutler after he came out of the NFC Championship game Sunday afternoon.  And after reading articles about his sprained MCL and listening to Brian Urlacher speak on his toughness, I want to apologize if I offended any Jay Cutler fans, and apologize to Jay Cutler himself (not that he even knows of my existence).

It does take guts and toughness to be a professional athlete, and especially a QB in the NFL.  His NFL peers, however, created a shit-storm of comments via Twitter ripping his toughness and questioning his integrity.  To be fair, the facts weren't in until the game was over.  But similar to middle- and high-school, name-calling ensued.

Yes, he was seen standing on the sideline.  No, there was no sighting of training staff tending to his bum knee.  So why the hell was he out?  It looked like he was walking gingerly during the final play of his last series.  I never questioned why he wasn't playing - I assumed it was because he was hurt.  Not once did it cross my mind that he was pulling himself because he wasn't playing well.  As a former athlete, that should never happen.  EVER!

This was an injury that many athletes play through, but in the grand scheme of things, if it got worse, it could cost him a year.

Jay Cutler, you are a good man.  Sometimes, I think you're a weenie, but I'll be honest, when I listen to your press conferences, I understand how much you want to win and be successful.  Not as much as Derek Anderson, but pretty close.  (kidding)

Restaurant Week NYC

Just wanted to share with everyone that January 24th to February 6th is Restaurant Week in NYC.  One of the best times of the year, if we're able to take advantage of it.

$24.07 for lunch.
$35.00 for dinner.

Obviously menu selections are limited, but it's still very reasonable for an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

Totally awesome.

Thin Mints...

...I swear I can eat these things by the wheelbarrow full.  They are Awesome with a capital A.  They are the perfect cookie.  You bite into it and feel a cool mint feeling.  It looks like a chocolate cookie, and you get a little bit of chocolate, but the mint taste is the winner.

Honestly, if you've never had one, you're dumb.  Well not dumb, you just may not know any people who sell Girl Scout Cookies.  Throw them in the refrigerator for a day or two and forget about them.  It's a cool minty flavor, and it's worth the two day wait.  Think Andes Mints on steroids.  They're that good.

Word has it (according to a friend of mine I went to college with, James B.), there is an iPhone app for locating Girl Scout Cookies.  I haven't downloaded it since I don't have an iPhone.

Glove Typing

In an attempt to keep warm in my office, I am going to throw some gloves on and start typing away at a blog.  I am kind of anxious to see what comes of this.  The general topic will be the cold weather - it's literally 30 degrees in here.  A special thanks to the school for providing ideal working conditions here in the gym. 

I hope you can decipher a few lines at least.

This cold weather seems to be affecting none other than mysel;f, particularly because most everyone elosre has heat inm their offixce.  My  heat is coming from a 3"x6" vent inm the far cornmer of the room.  Not to m,ention there are fuir doors exactl;y 10' from  my offixce that are constantly being iopened by passerbyus.  ?I just shut my door in hopes that the copld air can't barge througfh and make me c older - qwhick miht be impossible seeing how I can see my bgreath.  I just puit onm m,y wool hat  but t he jacklet remains on the backl of the seat.  The jacklet will be going on soonm e nopigjh./  Thwere's amotjher basketball gamer today, a wom,enm's game, at 7pm./  At least this is the last game  until February 4rth, so  there's a few weekls at least top fopcus onm bnaseball.  Wre start Thyursday mornmiong at 6 am.  ooking forward to  baseball, weven though we are cooped up inside for a fweq weeks until the weatert gets better out therte.  OK, I've had enougjh - oph i zsee i switvched to italiczs som,ehow.  I am literally alm,ost frozen solid - this enviroment does not promopte work, not today anywaty, and nopt for this guy.  

'm d onme, I can't take this shit anmy longer.  Time to go food shopping - I';m serious, the frozen food szsrection may  be warmwer than this office.  It's inhumane.