Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sigh-tings; 5 Guys; Only One is Perfect; Graduation

On the way back from Buffalo on Sunday - a very long ride given he fact that we blew a 4-run ninth inning lead - we stopped off to eat.  I needed to eat, and the shortest line was at KFC - not my first option, but certainly the best.  I ordered my meal, which came to $6.46 or something like that.  As I'm waiting, a lady walks in with coupons and proceeds to order a shit-ton of chicken and biscuits and sides.  Her total - $64.83.  Are you kidding me lady?  Who the hell are you feeding $64.83 worth of chicken to at 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon?  You're swine?  This is the problem with the country.  Then, she went outside for a smoke while she waited.  This lady has got some life going on.  Not only was she severely obese (which I assume is from eating excessively and/or competitively) but she smoked.  She might be dead in 8 years.  And it's an epidemic in this country - people eat out at fast food chains because it's cheaper than cooking healthy food at home - or is it? 

I am far from wealthy, but I do a pretty good job of cooking at home on a budget.  I mean shit, go on the Internet and type in "cheap dinner ideas" and I guarantee there'll be hundreds and thousands of recipes helping you out.

We went to Long Island yesterday (Lindsay, Nolan, Nathan, and myself) to get Lindsay's push present (for pushing out Nolan).  The ring came out very nice, so now she's got a engagement ring sandwiched between two wedding bands.  She deserves it.

We then took a trip to Target later in the day and as we were parking, the both of us noticed something totally random - two 50-something year-olds having a catch in the middle of the parking lot.  Needless to say, this is one of the oddest sightings I've had in my life.  One was a lefty (had a pretty good arm) and the other a righty (who was terrible).  There they were, throwing a baseball around at 5:00pm in a Target parking lot.  We shook our heads and kept to the course.

5 Guys
Quite possibly the best chain hamburger place around (and they make a mean hot dog too!).  The fries are plentiful as well.  You order - and they do everything for you.  There's a list of 15 or so items that can be added to your burger or hot dog and you just let them know what you want, so your hands stay clean - until you start eating.

The burgers (a regular contains two patties) is $5.29 and the hot dog is $3.49 but it's worth it.

Maybe the best part is that they have Fanta Birch Beer soda on tap, a favorite of mine.  I've stated my opinions on Birch Beer soda several times here on WRT and totally forget that the 5 Guys by my house in Levittown has it on tap.  As far as I'm concerned, it should be standard at every restaurant in America, if not the world.

Go find yourself a 5 Guys for lunch today.  But don't go for the large fries, they'll put you in a food coma.

Only One is Perfect
We lost our first conference game Sunday, making  Bethune-Cookman the only DI team in the country to still be undefeated in conference (and their regular season is complete, so barring a miracle by any of the other MEAC teams, they'll soon secure a berth in the NCAA Tournament.  We were the second until our epic collapse on Sunday.

We have two more MAAC weekends - this weekend versus second place Rider and the following Thursday/Friday versus Iona (who always gives us fits).  The conference playoffs start on Wednesday the 25th down in Trenton (at the home of the AA Yankees affiliate Trenton Thunder).  We need two more wins to secure the top spot in the tournament, which only means we'd be the home team every game.

I gotta get going, there's some things to do around here to get ready for graduation - everything basically gets shoved into the back of the gym so that it looks halfway presentable in here.  Literally, everything that is not behind a fence here in this gym gets shoved in a 6' x 50' space behind the bleachers in the back of the gym.  And it's a wonder why shit always gets broken around here.

Anyway, I'm out.  We've got a game at 5pm against Sacred Heart up in Bridgeport, CT.  We leave at 2:30pm and are skipping batting practice.  Today is the last day of class and it's a Friday schedule, so we're able to get a game in.  Looking to get back in the W column before a big series this weekend - Senior Day Weekend.

Later yo!