Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MLB: By the #'s; Nolan: By the #'s

It's been a pretty wild and unpredictable beginning to the 2012 MLB season.  I'm going to go through some numbers that might surprise you a little bit, or maybe not at all.

  • 14 - teams over the .500 mark.  Those who are not in this group - Phillies, Red Sox, Tigers, Giants, Angels
  • 8 - teams over the .500 mark that are from either the AL East or NL East, so don't give me your East Coast bias talk
  • .397, .380 - Derek Jeter's and David Ortiz' batting average, respectively - aging rather well it seems
  • .196 - Albert Pujols' batting average - can he be a bust?
  • 2 - teams from the DC/Baltimore area that are in 1st place - the Orioles and Nationals
  • 45 - strikeouts by Adam Dunn (in 106 AB's), which is actually on pace for less K's than last year
  • .406/12 - batting average and home run total for Matt Kemp, the early favorite for NL MVP
  • 11/10 - HR's allowed by Ervin Santana and Clay Buchholz in 38.2 and 32.2 IP, respectively
  • 13.50 - ERA of Philip Humber in his three starts since his Perfect Game against the Mariners
  • 3 of 7 - starts in which Jered Weaver has actually let up a run, twice against the Twins, the worst team in baseball
  • .156 - BAA for two lefties, both at different stages of their careers - Ted Lilly and Gio Gonzalez
  • 0 - teams that have reached the 20 win plateau - the Indians were the first to do it in 2011 (20-8) - although four three teams can get there today/tonight (Tampa Bay, Baltimore or Texas, San Francisco)
We're trying a new sleep method for when we put the little guy down to sleep.  We used to rock him until he was asleep then transfer him to the crib but he's getting a little big to rock for thirty minutes.

We put him in the crib awake, lay him down, and sit beside the crib until he falls asleep.  Gradually, we're going to (I hope) get to the point where we can put him in and leave the room immediately.  I think he's going through a little separation anxiety phase so he gets scared when he can't see us putting him to sleep.

It's only been a year and two weeks but it's time for him to grow up a little bit.

I lied in the header, there are no numbers related to Nolan in this post.

Have a good Tuesday.  It's a dreary but dry day so far here in CT.